We have the “Step-in-the-Client” shoe approach where we not only customize our solutions for every client’s requirement but also put whole-hearted approach to provide holistic solutions to them for effective running of their entities saving them cost and time.
IIRIS Individual users
Individual Users
Going beyond the confines of corporate needs, IIRIS Verified takes a step ahead to help individual users and households to easily request a screening check for self for the purposes of employment or tenancy; household helpers such as domestic help, chauffeurs, security guard, etc. as well as helping landlords to know if the prospective tenants are safe to be converted into residents.
IIRIS Corporate users
Corporate Users
With rising global awareness and vigilance needs, it has become essential for businesses to be alert and adherent to International Standards of Quality & Compliance. The importance of hiring and doing business with the right people can never be overrated as that directly affects the effective running of a business. IIRIS Verified helps you screen prospective employees, vendors and counter-parties in a flexible, timely and cost-effective manner across various categories of checks to suit the compliance needs of your organisation. Keeping abreast with the laws and acts, IIRIS Verified ensures that the gamut of services is aligned to various legal, regulatory and quality requirements.

Individual Users

  • Domestic Help Screening
  • Document Veracity Screening
  • Security Guard Screening
  • Chauffer Screening
  • Tenant Screening

Corporate Users

  • Employee Screening
    • On Boarding (Level Based)
    • Senior Management – Critical Hire Checks
    • Middle Management
    • Entry Level Checks
    • Monitoring
    • Exit and Post Exit
  • Insurance Claim Mapping
    • Checking for Veracity of Claims
    • Risk Mapping & Trend Analysis
  • Third Party Association Screening
    • Know your Customer/Claimant
    • Know your Business Associate
    • Know your Distributor
    • Know your Debtor/Creditor
    • Know your Vendor
  • Mystery Shopper Program
    • Consumer Centre Checks
    • Marketing Overview Checks
    • Representation & Warranties Check
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