Why should you conduct background screening?

Lessens Risks of Uninformed Hiring | Trust-worthy Workforce You have a responsibility to safeguard your clients, employees and keep your business safe. Lack of background checks can lead to dreadful crimes leading to loss of intellectual rights, property, loss of goodwill among customers and damage to workforce. IIRIS Verified employee screening services are a critical way to protect the many facets of your business that need to be protected.

Is background screening law mandatory?

A number of industries such as home healthcare, financial, and insurance that require the handling of other people’s personal and private information, require background screenings. But if your business does not operate in or provides services to these industries, there are still enough crucial reasons to run them for an organization’s own security as mentioned above. In India, for MNC’s, the laws of the other countries are also applicable.

What is a standard background screening? can the same background screening package fit for all candidates in all businesses?

There cannot be a standard background check package for all industries. Every industry has different set of employees with different qualifications and levels of employment. Companies need packages based on business necessities and types of jobs. A high-level management employee may need a more stringent testing called “Critical Hire Check” than a basic minimum-wage employee. The gravity of screening must reflect the risks arising from criminal misconduct in each specific position. While crafting the packages, both companies and screening service providers need to ensure that screening guidelines are neither too lenient that they run the risk of hiring criminals, nor they are too stern to miss opportunities to hire well-qualified applicants who pose no threat.

Below are the basic checks, which can be considered:

  • Multi-jurisdictional instant criminal database search
  • Direct searches at specific courts. - Role-specific reports or verification

Additional Services

  • ID proof, Driving license, Birth certificates, Marriage certificates verifications
  • Credit Report
  • Directorship checks


Roles that carry level of responsibilities and have abilities to impact organization to an extent, the organizations thus should positively verify the claims that a subject makes about their Education or work history.

  • Education
  • Employment
  • References
What should be the frequency of background screening?

It is advisable to conduct the background screening during the following times:

  • On contingent job offer and not before
  • Upon promotion or transfer from one job class to another with different requirements
  • Periodically during tenure (every year or so).
Do we need to take permission before conducting background verification?

Yes, we would need employee’s permission and take their consent for conducting background screening in order to determine eligibility for employment. Two forms specifically must be completed by the applicant, the authorization and the disclosure, other than the Job application form, as per FCRA [FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT].

What is FCRA compliance rules?

Find a copy of the FCRA at: http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/031224fcra.pdf

What is the time taken for conducting the background screening?

Time taken for conducting the background screening is popularly known as “Turnaround Time”. Since, in India most of the data is not digitised/centralised, it may take about couple of days or even weeks if source of documents aren’t received well by the employee. If all documents are received in time, it takes about 10 – 15 days’ time for background screening in India. Note: The turnaround time for any service will be notified by IIRISVerified team before the order is finalized with our client. For more information, you can write at contactus@iirisconsulting.com

What information / documents are required to conduct a background screening?
  • Name of the Candidate
  • Date of Birth
  • Father’s Name
  • Copy of current Address proof
  • Copy of Permanent Address proof
  • Copy of Government issued Identity proof
  • Copy of Education documents, certificates,degree, mark-sheets
  • Copy of Employment documents, experience /service letter, last 03 months’ salary slips, form 16
  • Copy of Name change document, if applicable
Is it important to outsource background screening?

Yes, it is important to outsource background screening to a reliable risk screening service provider backed by years of expertise and a strong team who are independent, neutral, not bound by any emotional relationship with employees, which may not be the case if background screening is done in-house in an organization. Outsourcing screening requirements to an expert risk screening provider will not only ensure a neutral background check of the candidates but also ensure that checks are done at all levels without compromise.

How does IIRIS ensure that my data is safe?

IIRIS adheres to the strictest standards of data protection and storage with regard to all its clients. Information security is the key benchmark that differentiates IIRIS from other players in the market. Data as shared by the clients are not only used and shared internally on a “need-to-know” basis but also handled critically throughout the entire tenure of the work assignment. Post delivery of report, IIRIS follows the applicable legal standards and industry best practices to destroy and delete all client data in the most sanitised and effective way, thereby ensuring that there is no misuse or leakage of information to any unintended recipients.

Why to consider IIRIS verified for background check?

Because we have the “Step-into-client-shoes” approach where we not only customize our solutions for every client’s requirement but also put whole-hearted approach to provide holistic solutions to them for effective running of their entities saving them cost and time.

With IIRIS Verified, you can be sure of the following:

  • 24*7 Dedicated Proficient resources with extensive experience- Process driven and fast paced delivery with no compromise on Quality.
  • Customer Success focused
  • Global footprint
  • Excellent Research team
  • Technology-backed solutions: Efficient, Automated Screening Process with real time status of the cases / Personal dashboard
  • Legally Compliant
  • Proprietary databases
  • Good liaisons with Government departments, Education Institutes
  • Affordable
  • Customised Services as per business needs
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Thoughtful Leadership