IIRIS Verified

IIRIS Verified, a part of IIRIS Pvt. Ltd., is a risk based assurance check service that seeks to provide clients with verification support pertaining to various parameters concerning their business. Be it employees, 3rd party associates, customers or individuals, we seek to adopt the “Step-into-client-shoes” approach and help pre-empt the applicable risks with due compliance with the local laws of the land.

Main Risk Assurance Parameters
IIRIS Verified builds on the core value of IIRIS, which is to help mitigate risks of clients and their businesses. Therefore, each check is customized and the results are analysed from a perspective of risk exposure for the client and advisory is meted out accordingly. Backed by latest technology and a well spread-out national and international network, IIRIS Verified takes pride in helping clients with risk based screenings in a cost and time effective network.
Social Parameter Mapping
(Address, Reputation, Family Overview, Lifestyle etc.)
Education & Other
Skill Acquisition Mapping
Professional Parameters Mapping
(Employment Verification Reputation, Other Business Interests, Expertise, Key Skills, Integrity etc.)
External Affiliation Mapping
(Political, Industry Groups, Religious Bodies etc.)
Adverse Media Mapping
Legal/Default History Mapping
(Litigation, Criminal Checks, Databases,
Financial Credibility etc.)
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